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List at a higher price than you actually want to sell your item for. This is because buyers want to haggle on the price. We have witnessed  people offer half the asking price for an item selling which is sealed and brand new in the box for a price lower than the item is selling in the Shop. Offers like that are a straight up slap in the face but you are going to get them so be ready. People seem to expect and desire the haggling in the market mentality on these sites so just go with it and adjust your pricing accordingly.

  • Add pictures, the more the better. .
  • Make sure you specify, payment type and delivery type, or you may find requests to deliver or take postal payments etc
  • Always use really good pictures of your Item. If its large picture the site will crop it, so make sure you edit the pictures on the site in your profile, if you are not happy with way it looks.
  • Use as many pictures as allowed for the plan you choose. people love pictures and items with more than one picture sell quicker.
  • If you find your item is not selling after a week or getting a lot of views and no offers, your price might be to high. Look at what others are selling the same item for and compete.
  • Make sure you reply to all messages, so check the site each day for new offers or messages.
  • Consider registering as a shop if you sell a lot of items or want to get paid direct through the site.
  • A lot of people won’t actually bother to read your ad. Ya, it is annoying as heck but a lot of people won’t even bother reading the title of your ad never mind the content you’ve written! So make sure the person buying knows what they are getting when you talk to them and before they meet you.

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