Meeting a seller


Allow the seller to call you gain your trust

If you have any doubts about your safety, do not continue with the purchase.

Be friendly and polite as this can work to your advantage in getting the best deal.

The seller might not want to meet at their home and this should not be taken as an insult but could be for third safety and be acceptable unless they are selling a property or a car dealer.

Bring the exact amount of money for the item unless you agree a lesser price over the phone beforehand.

If the seller allows you to call to their home, do not step over their threshold unless invited.

Make sure you allow yourself and be on time for the meeting as its good manners and will serve you will in negotiations.

Always inspect the item and if possible check it’s working.

Bring some change in case the seller is willing to reduce the price.

Use your common sense and better judgement at all times and when in doubt walk away, your life is worth more.

You can try and negotiate at the location or at their home if you feel the item is not worth the money agreed.

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