How To Register


To register on the site just click on the “Log In” button on the top right site of the screen.

From there a small form will drop down. if you are already registered you can type in your User Name and Password. If you are not registered just click the word “Registration at the bottom of the page or click Here for a shortcut.
Chose the type of seller you wish to register as.
Private Seller: Choose this for posting regular Ads as just a member of the public and will be meeting the buyer to make the transaction.  You can post Ads in all sections.
Dealer: Choose this if you are a regular motorcycle dealer as buyers feel more secure

Fill in all the details as requested as accurately as you can.

Many times the user name you choose may already be in use and you may need to change your chosen user name as all user names are unique. An email address can only be used once to register a name and to register another name you must use a different email address.

Your User Name is the name that will appear on your Ads and not your real name but you will be asked for your real name during registration. This information will remain private and only visible to you.

When you are finished registering you will be sent an automated email within a few minutes, asking you to activate the account. If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam or junk box in the email address you submitted.

Once you have registered you can then sign in and Ad a profile picture of your choice and we encourage all users to do this as buyers usually opt to buy from profiles who have a better profile.

Once you are logged in you can post as many Ads as you like for Free or you can choose to upgrade to featured Ads or Multiple Ads with more picture options.

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