How To Add A Listing


Step 1 : Sign in using your user name an password as you must be signed in as a registered user to post an Ad. If you are not registered please click here to register.

Click the “Add a listing” button at the top right of the page or click here.

Step 2 & 3: Select Motorcycles, Services or  Accessories & Parts form the circles above the category box. Select the category of the item you want to post and sell. Then wait for the second box to open automatically and select the subcategory that most suits your item.

Step 4: Select the Price Plan from the blocks that appear on the page. Choose Free for a Free Ad and the other choices are self-explanatory. A featured Ad will sell your Item much quicker as it will always appear first when a search is performed or when a list is presented on the page. It will also appear randomly on the home page.

Step 5: The next page will ask you the details of your item. The “Title” should explain what the Item is in very brief terms. Ex: MSX 125 2016 for sale. Fill in all the require fields as accurately as you can. The more accurate the details are, the better chance you have of selling the item.

Step 6: Click on the blank picture box and choose the location on your device where the pictures of the item you are selling is located. If you have more than one picture, wait a few seconds until all the pictures load and then choose which picture should be displayed on the Ad as the primary picture, by clicking the little circle that says “primary”.

Step 7: Add video. you can add link from Youtube or upload it from local video.

Step 8: Done. Your Ad will automatic publish.

*You can go back and make changes by click on Previous Step.

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