Arragning to sell to a buyer


Use your gut reaction to decide if a person is a trustworthy buyer.

Always be careful giving a buyer or stranger your home address.

You can meet a person in a neutral location unless you are selling or renting property.

Make sure you meet somewhere where other members of the public will be present.

Meet in the hours of daylight.

Always arrange an exact time and make sure the buyer knows exactly where the location is by texting directions.

Make sure you agree a bottom line price unless you are selling a car and negation’s for cash are expected.

Set a lower limit or reserve price in your mind and stick to itand be willing to walk away if the person won’t agree to the higher price.

If the buyer is late, give them a call to allow them time for delays.

If you get no answer from the phone and they are late, leave the location.

If you invite a buyer to your home, make sure you hide obviously valuable items.

If you are going alone make sure you text somebody details of your arrangements for safety reasons.

Bring a friend with you if at all possible. Particularly if there is a large amount of money involved.

Make sure the item you are selling is clean and presentable and as advertised

Make sure all the part of the advertised item are included.

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